How to create your own Free Ads classified Website

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Today, I come with the tutorial on How to make your own Free Ads Classified Site like “”, “”, etc. Many Web Designers Company will cost you a huge amount of money to make this type of website. But we are not like others, we are unique, we believe in making our country India more advanced and technical, that’s why we have prepared a tutorial on how to make your own ads classified website. Before telling you those easy steps to create the website, first I will tell you What is an Ads Classified Sites?

What is an Ads Classified sites?

An Ads Classified sites are those sites where users can post their ads related to anything like – house, old mobiles, laptops, used utensils, used
things and much more.

Here, users not only post ads but also can buy things from other ads, just click on the ad and get the publisher contacts, that’s so easy. But the real functions of these websites are not so easy. Web Developers and Web Designers worked a lot for making these websites, that’s why they cost your huge money, but we Creative Soch didn’t want a penny from you.

Users can also exchange their products, for these users didn’t have to pay a money for publishing ads on websites, these websites are free.

Requirements needed to make This Website

  • The first thing you require is a good hosting provider company, in my view, Hostinger is the best, I am personally using it since 2 years. I also want you to sign up on this website.
    Link – Hostinger
  • When you successfully registered on Hosting, now select a hosting plan, there are two hosting plans: Free and Paid Hosting. If you’re just to test this website, then select free, but you’re going to start a business, then select Paid Hosting, it is very important to choose paid hosting to run a successful Ads Classified Website.
  • Now, after choosing Hosting Plan, now register a domain name, if you’re just a tester select any free sub domain name but if you’re going to start it as a Brand, then must register a .com domain name, its good to have a .com domain name to give your website a pro look.
  • Now, you have a domain or subdomain name, now select “Auto Installer” in your hosting Cpanel account. There you will find an app named “Osclass”. Just install it by clicking on it.
  • Now, the main work starts from here, the first thing I will tell you What is Osclass?

What is Osclass?
   An Osclass is a PHP script which offers you to make an Ads Classified site without knowing much about php.

  • When you have successfully downloaded the Osclass app. Go to

Replace with your domain name and log in with the username and password that you have entered during installation.

  • Now login to your admin panel, install themes to your site, install plugins to make your site more ads classified, upload your own company logo, add categories, add custom fields to your listings, upload your favicon, put third-party ads on your website.
  • When you completed all the above steps, your Ads Classified website is now ready.

How to Configure Mail Server In Osclass?
     It is the question that is asked by our many readers. So just follow the simple steps:

  • Login to your Cpanel Hostinger account go to webmail and create a new mail account. Note the password and username of your new mail account of your domain name. eg. Username- , password – that you’ve entered when creating a new mail account
  • Now login to your Osclass admin panel and go to settings>mail server and enter the following details:

Server type – Custom Server
Hostname – localhost
Mail From – [That you have created in Cpanel]
Name From – Your Website’s Name
Server Port – 25
Username – same as mail from –
Password – ***********

Then click on save settings

Now when new user create a new account on your site so that user get a validation email from this mail and you will also get notified.

Now your own Ads Classified Website is ready, promote it and earn money by putting ads from third-party Like Adsense, Infolinks, etc.

If you have any problem in making Ads Classified site, then comment below.

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  1. At last, I've got it working, thanks to you.

    Found the correct Server port under E-mail client configuration for the new mail account (in cPanel)

    I wonder why they don't explain it this well on the Osclass official website.

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