Get Free Premium Hosting + .com Domain & Earn Money too

     Dear Creative Soch loyal readers,
Today, I am back with the most wanted trick of Internet and especially for Web Designers and new Bloggers. Did you ever think that you can get premium hosting and .com domain name free for the lifetime? Now, it’s possible. This trick is going to provide you by one and only Creative Soch team.starter
As I know that most of our readers are just beginners and use free hosting and their provided sub-domain names. Now, it’s possible for beginners to make their website Professional and become a Brand. Our team came with this trick because as we all know that most Indians didn’t invest on websites and we have already said that we want to make our country advanced and technical. That’s why we came with this trick.
create .com free website
In our previous how-to tutorial, we have posted about how to make your own Ads Classified website and how to promote it. But for running your own Free Ads Classified website and make it a brand, you need premium hosting and a .com domain name. For this you need money, but for 1st year you don’t need much money but for continuing your site then you need lots of money but we will tell you how to get these features for the lifetime. But before telling you those easy steps to get free premium hosting and free .com domain, we will first tell you why you need these.

Why do you need A Premium Hosting Account?

Many of our readers asked that a free hosting is running well for them, so why they upgrade their hosting account? So, the answer is that your website is getting small amount of visitors and required small disk space but when your website become popular you need huge bandwidth, uptime and disk space and we know that free hosting account provides us 100GB Bandwidth and 2GB Disk space which is not enough to make a professional website and make a brand. But in premium hosting, you will get Unlimited bandwidth and Unlimited disk space. But this is not only the feature of premium hosting. You can understand the difference by reading the below table:

Free Hosting Premium Hosting
1) Free hosting tends to base on the slow server. It has no guarantee; hosting provider can delete or suspend your hosting account or website anytime. 1) Premium Hosting server always being fast in nature. When you buy a premium hosting, no one can delete your website, except you.
2) If your website is running on free hosting then you can see that it redirects to the hosting site or it downs for 2 – 3 hours daily. 2) This is not in premium hosting. Your website will run smoothly.
3) Some free hosting has some conditions that their advertisement will appear in your site’s footer. 3) This is not applicable in premium hosting.
4) The free hosting service provider will never give you 99.99% uptime guarantee. 4) Premium Hosting provider will give you 99.99% uptime guarantee.
5) Getting company support and the backup facility is very tough in free hosting. 5) Here you can get Full Support and one-click backup facility.
6) Maximum free hosting providers didn’t use Linux hosting; they use windows hosting for free service. 6) Maximum premium hosting providers use Linux hosting which is very secure.

So, now you will go for Premium Hosting.

Why do you need a .com domain name?

     So, what is the benefit of having a .com domain name? Well, I will tell you that a website is nothing without a .com domain name, even Google Adsense will not approve you if you didn’t have a .com domain name. To become a brand or make your website a Professional website you need a .com domain name. We use .com domain name because it also attracts advertisers and users on your site because a .com domain name represents that the site is trusted.

Many readers asked us why we buy .com domain name instead of any other TLD names. So the answer is that .com didn’t relate to any country, region or anything. It is a worldwide domain name

So, now you understand the importance of a premium hosting account and a .com domain name. Now I am telling you how you can this for free for lifetime.

Steps to Get Free .com domain &  Lifetime Free Premium hosting

1) First of all, follow this below link and create a free account.
Here is a Link to  Get Free Premium Hosting
2) After creating an account there, now choose free hosting and a sub-domain name and create a free Cpanel Hosting there.
3) Now that you have created your free Cpanel Hosting account, you have to upgrade it. But wait for upgrading you need money and we said that it is free. Don’t worry; I am giving you the trick to upgrade it for free.
4) Just go to your Cpanel Hosting Account and at the top of the page, there is a navigation bar. On that navigation bar find “Referrals” button. Just click on that.
5) After click on it, a new page will open containing your referral link.
6) You have to do is just promote your referral link on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere and bring 3 referrals to Hostinger to create an account. You can promote easily via Postradar
7) When you have 3 Active referrals, so you can upgrade to premium hosting for 1 year.
8) When 1 year of premium hosting expires then again bring 3 referrals and you will again get premium hosting for 1 year. By this, you will get premium hosting for lifetime
9) Now how to get .com for the lifetime. To do this just brings 15 referrals and you will get a .com free for 1 year and again bring 15 referrals and you will get a free renewal.
10) You can also earn money.
5 referrals = 290 INR
100 referrals = 5800 INR
Note: For free gifts you must have Active referrals!
Hostinger will give Active badge on three conditions:

  • Client must be registered on Hostinger for at least 30 days.
  • Client must have at least 1 website created.
  • Website must have content.

Isn’t simple, you can quickly increase your referrals and you can save huge money for premium hosting and domain name. I am personally using Hostinger since 2 years. If you know any alternative way or if you get any problem, Let me know through comments.