Images SEO Tips To Rank Higher in Google

Google Images have their own Ranking Algorithm from they decide on which position a images should rank. Googlebot-Image, officially the bot of Google Images crawl photos from Public domains.

Image Optimization

You can optimize images online. So, you can reduce your unwanted size, inner properties of your images, without losing it’s Quality.  WordPress user can use Yahoo Smushit plugin. Currently this plugin is Free, but very soon it will become a great premium plugin.
Being a responsible Web developer, I have habit for saving any image with deserving name. You should also have and never leave at default name as  image1, photos001 otherwise your image file URL structure will not be considered as SEO-friendly.
Use alt tag(alternate text) wisely in HTML code is extremely important. According to Google-Guidelines, You should prevent from keyword stuffing.
More what can You do-
Inspect Body Element – For long term SEO, You should add some paragraph along images. (At-least try to write rich text under 350 words, where you have uploaded your photos)
Image Caption– This act as body text. Now, times come when Google love long and unique article.
Now, I’m going to tell some more Important things about permanent Image optimization. After reading this May be You will ask me- I Wanna see my photos in Search
Engine Page Results with in 24hrs.

Images Ranking Factor

Always Upload Images on Trusted Website
Ans-  Think 3 things, Before uploading any image for SEO.

  1. Think twice before uploading.
  2. You are the mirror, But your photos might be reflection of your personality.
  3. Even ,Careless or uploading at unusual/untrusted website might hurt you later.

I guess you understand. Now, let me tell you. Some website is really blesses with SEO. Since, Their Page Rank (PR) is nearest or equal to 10. Page Rank10 is highest. Those site having Pr under 6-10, means, huge trust/reputation in Google eye. You can try at Twitter(pr-10) Wikipedia(pr-9/10), Google+(pr9/10), Blogger,  Facebook, Linkedin, and so on. This order is according to Real Time respectively. During uploading, adding relevant caption in images is good idea.
How Google set Image ranking?
Ans- Generally in web option, images comes in SERPs (Search Engine Page Results) easily at 1 page, even before news article, wiki, official website or any other things. Why ?
This means photos are uploading in regular ways. That’s why on that particular keywords Photos you are see at first result, first page. As it seems that your keywords/you are most popular on Internet. But, Condition applied for general or few popular people on Google, If the photos from particular keywords is in middle of first page, Google have huge images of yourself. But your images are not frequently uploaded like other content. Competition matters my dear.
When Google show Carol Result for Web and Images?
Ans – Let me tell you first, how carol results looks? Grey boarder above for images, and dark above boarder for Popular web results.results. Generally you see like this,

Image SEO Tips
Google give a option to visit “People also Search for“. Hence, In Web Results, the relevant things comes from WikiPedia. I’m confirm about Google images resuls, that When people search ‘X Person’, then again in opened window people search ‘X Person House’. It becomes carol results for images. Please note, this is different from Related Query. Related Query are automatically generated by Search Engine when a user keep searching similar query without navigating to new tab in a web browser. It doesn’t means when term ‘A’ and ‘b’ are far different things. I have seen sometimes Search Engine also collect these results according to similar category of website.
If I have many website and blogs, Which images will be for longer in 1st page rank?
Ans- It’s depend upon above 3 thumb rule.

  1. Rich Paragraph Contents near Image or under<body> tag of HTML.
  2. Alexa Rank,
  3. MOZ Trust Rank.

Make sure you are not Blocking GoogleBot-Image from robots.txt
Ans. If you will bock, your image will not index in Google. Check your robots.txt file, and make sure you have allowed Googlebot-Image to see your images.

User-agent: Googlebot-Image
Allow: /

Some more bonus tips:

BLOCK images indexing in Google Search Results

What should I do If my photos is accidentally published somewhere ?
Don’t worry too much, Just You should always checkout delete option before sharing any thing online. If those images are coming from your own website
Then add this line in robots.txt. Replace the ‘temp’ from your image-directory(folder) name where your image is uploaded.

User-agent: Googlebot-Image
Disallow: /temp/

I can remember once time, I had face this same problem. I uploaded some photos live,  but there was not delete option easily available. Somehow I already deleted photos, But in SERPs, the content was still live then after 3 months and photos is still live from that particular keywords.
Try  ‘Google removal Tool‘ when you know photos is not available on that link.
If you have accidentally created profile somewhere or untrusted site and now you want to disable it So, visit  I say, Photos Mania is not wrong  thing. But careless uploading may effect on your E-Reputation.
If your personal photos was uploaded by someone else and if you wants to delete it from Public.
– Firstly try to contact from site active administrator. Get email address from whois and Search on Social Media. Else, If you find the administrator of site is arrogant. Be Ready to lodge a Police Complain against that site owner.
How can I check on Internet at how many website/profile my photos is published?
Ans- yes, Simple answer- Try ‘Image Search’ by Uploading at Google. By using this method you can also find the details of fake photos. Also, you can find the exact  url of web page, where your image is uploaded.

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