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jobs-deogharCreative Soch also works as a Jobs Consultancy are located in Deoghar, Jharkhand, India. We are working as a Jobs Consulting and Placement Agency in Deoghar.Our mission is to connect unemployed & jobs seekers people get to employ. When a signal people of India get their jobs in his field then we say empowered society and knowledge economy.We start providing Jobs in Deoghar in private sector (Banks, Finance Sector, Insurance Sector, Hotels, Stores & many more places.) Computer Operator,Manager,Receptionist,Waiter/Waiters,Kitchen Staff,Sales-man,Delivery-Boy,Home Tutor,Computer Teacher,Dance Teacher (Trained),Music Teacher (Trained),Driver (Trained),Plumber (Trained),Electrician (Trained),Web Designer, SEO Expert & Developer (Trained) Hardware & Network Engineer.

Good News! We are hiring people who are looking for jobs in Deoghar. This is an opportunity for someone who wants to stand up on his own feet. As we know that for a small scale private-job we need to leave our home city, parents and all family members. Creative Soch offers you various kinds of job in your own city according to your skills. We are offering part-time and full-time jobs. Our motto is to provide job along we want to develop your skill which required in every field.We also provide training by the great mentor. Our motivational trainer will give you motivational class.  So, you can give your best at your place.

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The youth wants to stand on their own feet and live a life of pride and dignity. We do not merely talk about filling the pockets of people. We want to instil a sense of self-confidence among the aspirants. How to Apply? We have given an online form which will you need to fill up. Desktop/Tablet phone user – On the right side, you can see our form.Mobile User – Scroll down this page and fill up all required details on the form.

Terms And Conditions

  • Registration with Creative Soch Jobs is necessary for all the candidates before any consideration.
  • Creative Soch Jobs do not guarantee of arranging an interview/providing a job within a specified period. Short-listing & calling a candidate for the interview is solely at the discretion of Creative Soch Jobs.
  • If any candidate is selected by our references and recommendations, he/she has to inform and endorse a copy of the appointment letter immediately to us for our record.
  • The candidate will pay 50% of the gross first-month salary as our service charges in the case of the Company where he is placed is not agreed to our terms of business & not paying our service charges.
    (Note: Candidate would be informed in advance whether the company is paying our service charges or not)
  • The candidate will be liable to release our service charges within 2 days of the first salary of the month either by cash or cheque.
  • In case the candidate does not comply or deposit the said half month’s gross salary to Creative Soch Jobs within one month of the first salary of the month then:
    Creative Soch Jobs are free to pursue legal court proceeding against the candidate for breach of contract.
  • Creative Soch Jobs will take action in accordance with the laws of India as applicable.
    Candidate will not be considered for any vacancy in future:
    If the candidate does not attend the interviews, arranged by career solutions twice.
    If the candidate discloses the name of the vacancy/company name to anybody else for which he/she has been sent through Creative Soch Jobs.
  • If Creative Soch Jobs arrange an interview, then selected candidate will be liable to pay the said service charges if he/she joins the same job within three months.
  • If a candidate is selected for a job through Creative Soch Jobs he/she will be solely the employee of the concerning organisation and career solutions will be not responsible for any legal/dispute or any other matter between the candidate and the organisation.
  • The Registration is valid up to one year only from the date of Registration.



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Specialised in Manpower & Recruitment Solutions

Welcome to Creative Soch Job Consultant

Creative Soch is a leading Manpower Consultancy Organization which provides Manpower Services to all Industries, MNCs, Limited / Private Limited Companies, Firms etc. for their IT & Non-IT Functions.We offer flexibilities to both the Job Seekers and the Companies. We provide several human resource solutions to our clients & candidates catering to the entire employment and business process.We always believe “Dedication is the only key to driving a business towards success. Whatever people call it Creativity or Innovation or anything, but the main force is dedication and seriousness towards your work.”

We have Expert and Professional Recruiters, who work on our client’s requirement and give them a Qualitative Employee.We assist organisations in getting the most appropriate talent for their operations by providing them with the best manpower available in the industry. Our main focus area is IT, HR, Marketing, Advertisement, Operations & Media Planning but we work in other areas also.

What we do for Job Seekers:

Creative Soch is the solution to all your career-related problems. Apart from offering you the right platform to start your career, Infinity Placement Services provides all job seekers with the best suitable job. we help in locating jobs according to your qualifications.We not only help you in providing the best suitable job but also take care of your remuneration.

What does Infinity Placement Services do for Employers?

We help you in getting efficient human resources to empower your administration, operations, audit and other departments.We act as a bridge between employers and the job seekers.we are the most reliable and one-stop solution for all your manpower needs.

Our team of Consultants interacts with the client to understand their Various kinds of Requirements, Job specification, Job environment & ideal incumbent profile. This understanding is documented and agreed upon by the client.

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